In April we launched the #GetItDownOnPaper competition, offering the chance for one aspiring scientist to win a paid internship at Sharp Laboratories of Europe. The challenge was to come up with a solution to an everyday problem. Applicants were asked to put their proposal down on paper, take a photo of this and share it on Twitter.

Ten scientists at Sharp Labs, including director Ian Thompson, were charged with whittling down over 70 entries to a shortlist of three – no easy task considering the quality of the proposals. After much debate they have now agreed on three finalists:

i) @eeoyr89  The Neat Diner  Recycling everyday rubbish using biomimicry with The Neat Diner


ii) @ironyisakiller (SiobhánAndrews) Idea for portion control in the kitchen with ‘Chop-Syc’, an interactive chopping board


iii) @NJ_Cheetham (Nathan Cheetham): Active and passive, electricity free, chemical climate control



The scientists at Sharp Labs also chose 6 highly commended proposals:

i) @ThaFluff (Raluca Gîmbuță): Measure UV levels in real time to protect against skin cancer


ii) @zivigg (Silvia Gonzalez): Sustainable cooling system using water evaporation


iii) @ElMacLeod (Ellie MacLeod): A creative recipe app to reduce household food waste


iv) @RachelHK11 Rachel Keller: Micropayments to charity when dieting – lose a pound in weight, give a pound sterling to help feed a starving person.


v) @imamulhussein (ImamulHussein): Imamul entered over 20 times, here is one of his best: operating your PC cursor with the finger mouse.


vi) @iw28mo (Mo Filfil): Aiding the blind with the UTCH (Ultrasonic Triangulation Coded Helmet), removing the need for a cane.


The winner will be announced by Sharp on Monday 10th June 2013, in the meantime, what do you think? Let us know your favourite concept.

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