Will Obree set a new IHPVA record?

Will Obree set a new IHPVA record?

On the latest Humans Invent Cycling podcast Richard Moore and Ed Pickering discuss the latest goings-on at the Vuelta, the Tour of Spain, including the remarkable performance so far of 41-year-old Chris Horner and also Wednesday’s time trial, won by Fabian Cancellara.

There’s an interview with Graeme Obree, the flying Scotsman, ahead of his attempt on the world land speed record in Nevada. Graeme explains that his preparation has not been ideal, but his machine, the Beastie, is already en route and he’s going to give the record of 83mph his best shot.

The Beastie’s big week

Ed is the author of The Race Against Time, the recently published book about Obree’s 1990s rivalry with Chris Boardman and their various attempts on the world hour record. Ed chats about his experiences with Obree, and his impressions of him and Boardman – and how surprised he was to discover that they were more alike than he (or anyone) imagined.

Finally they discuss the future of the world hour record, which, as Ed says, appears to be “lying dormant.” Will Bradley Wiggins have a go? Or Cancellara? And what about Tony Martin? “We are living in a golden age of time trialling,” says Ed, and so it seems only right and proper that one of this generation’s great time triallists makes an attempt at the blue riband of races against the clock.

But will they beat the current record, held by a little known Pole, Ondřej Sosenka? Join the debate by tweeting @HumansInvent #HourRecord.

There’s also a competition to win two signed copies of Charly Wegelius’s book, Domestique. Tweet your answer to @HumansInvent #WegeliusCompetition.

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The End
  • David Haskins

    Good luck to Graeme Obree. I’m old enough to remember your hour record and the furore it caused. You were an inspiration to a whole generation of cyclists, and dare I say it, triathletes. I was the first in my cycling club to use curly shaped tri bars. Took a lot of flak all season. At the start of the next season all the top riders were using them. lol. Graeme, sincerely hope you smash the record and create another chapter in your legendary fight against the stodgy suits. I see another movie in the making. Obree – Superman too!

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