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Back in April Sharp ran the #GetItDownOnPaper competition, offering one aspiring inventor the chance to win a two-month internship at Sharp Laboratories of Europe. The challenge was to come up with a solution to an everyday problem and share it on Twitter.

An original concept

The winner was Siobhán Andrews with her interactive, chopping board concept, Chop-Syc.

Siobhán’s design integrates Sharp’s heritage in both LCD screen technology and home technologies

The team at Sharp Labs liked it so much they decided to turn the concept into reality and build a prototype with Andrews during her internship.

Humans Invent paid a visit to Sharp Labs to document the final two weeks of work on the product, which turns out to be as impressive as the original concept.

Portion control and Wi-Fi

Utilizing Sharp LCD technology the board is embedded with a digital touch-sensitive screen that is hooked up to Wi-Fi. Intended to simplify healthy cooking and portion control, the Chop-Syc has inbuilt scales to weigh the ingredients for a particular recipe – both the recipe and weight are displayed on the screen which is also used as a chopping board.

#GetItDownOnPaper winner Siobhán Andrews hard at work.

#GetItDownOnPaper winner Siobhán Andrews hard at work.

A clever feature is the ability to type in the number of people you intend to cook for and the recipe portions automatically scale up or down to match the required amount.

There are other ways of making sure you are cooking the right amount.

For example, if you are cooking spaghetti a circle pops up that shows how much spaghetti, when held upright, is needed – the size of the circle changes according to the amount of people that need to be fed.

Managing Director of Sharp Laboratories of Europe, Ian Thompson said, “Siobhán’s design integrates Sharp’s heritage in both LCD screen technology and home technologies. Not only was Siobhán’s idea innovative, the device also solves a genuine human need to tackle the global issue of obesity through the integration of healthy recipes and portion sizes.”

Check out the video Humans Invent made with Sharp of the making of Chop-Syc and let us know your thoughts.

Follow Sharp on twitter @Sharp_Europe and join the Chop-Syc debate at Facebook/SharpEurope.




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  • willowbel .

    this interactive chopping board is amazing I seriously want one!!! when will they be available!!

  • Andy

    Hope they keep this product in the affordable range for most consumers. This is a really cool idea.

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