10th June 2011
Charity-bots: raising money robotically
By Joe Svetlik

No one would doubt giving money to charity is a good thing, but if only some of the people asking for it weren’t so… well, asking for it. They’re not known as charity muggers for nothing. Well this is a genius solution: replace them with  robots.

Because Don-8r won’t open his arms and say, “Heyyyy, come on” while tilting his head to the side. Instead he drives around saying just “Hello,” and “Thank you,” when you slide a coin into the slot in the back of his head. No badgering, and you’re not going to see one of his friends a few feet along, either.

“You often see people walking very, very far around [charity collectors] just so they don’t get caught,” 21-year-old inventor Tim Pryde, a product design student at the University of Dundee told The Chronicle of Philanthropy. “What I wanted to do was design something that people wanted to approach.”

Well he’s certainly done that, with Don-8r looking like a smaller version of R2D2. It uses up four AA batteries in two hours, though Pryde is looking at using a rechargeable battery to cut down on costs. And someone is always looking over Don-8r, should anyone get any ideas and try to make off with his takings. He may not be the human face of charity, but he’s a lot more approachable.

The End
  • Bob

    Yes but the dirty Scots will rob it for booze

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