23rd February 2012
Plasmacluster tech: The fresh air beauty treatment
By Nigel Brown

Plasmacluster technology can help keep skin hydrated throughout the day.

Did you ever think it would be possible to have a fresh air beauty treatment? No facials, no masks, no bottles, just good old fashioned fresh air mixed with a dash of innovation. Sharp’s unique plasmacluster technology can help keep skin hydrated throughout the day, as well as improve skin elasticity and the texture of the surface area, keeping your skin smooth and supple.

Plasmacluster technology will be used even more widely in the field of health

It may sound a little too easy and also a little far fetched but Sharp’s plasmacluster technology produces the same positive H+ and negative O2- ions that our own immune system release when fighting off an infection. However instead of cleaning your bloodstream of infections, plasmacluster purifies harmful toxins in the air before they have a chance to damage and dry out your skin.

From curing dog odours to moisturising your skin

How does Plasmacluster technology work?

Plasmacluster generators produce positively charged H+ and negatively charged O2- ions which attach themselves to microbes and viruses in the air. When they meet on the surface of a bacterial or viral cell they bond, forming highly oxidative OH radicals which attract hydrogen from within the cell itself.

As the hydrogen is drawn out of the bacteria, its membrane begins to break down. Without a membrane, it can’t survive or grow.

Plasmacluster inhibits the growth of bacteria and stopps the spread of airborne impurities.

Remarkably the technology is as ingenious as it is simple with plasmacluster generators usually found inside air conditioning units and purification devices.

The technology has also already been successfully fitted in cars and refrigerators to help kill bacteria and it has even been used on smelly dogs.

It works when positive and negatively charged ions physically attach themselves to microbes and viruses in the air. The ions then bond, forming highly oxidative OH radicals which suck the hydrogen out of the impurity they’re attached to, killing it and leaving it to decay harmlessly.

A number of tests were conducted in Japan last year that saw a major difference in the moisture on the skin of 13 women who entered a room where plasmacluster ions were being generated over a period of an hour. A further test over a period of 28 days saw improved elasticity, meaning suppler skin, while its texture became smoother, particularly under the corner of the eyes.

An improvement to your skin

Professor Michio Niwano from the Research Institute of Electrical Communication, Tohoku University, admitted he was taken aback with the success of Plasmacluster technology. “At first I was surprised how easily Plasmacluster ions encapsulated in water molecules adhered to the surface of the skin. But we then confirmed that the ions indeed did adhere easily to the skin’s surface where proteins were present as well, and we were able to sufficiently confirm its moisturising action on the skin. I highly anticipate that Plasmacluster technology will be used even more widely in the field of health.”

Sharp’s portable plasmacluster ion generators.

Following the successful test results it is thought that the technology could be used legitimately in the future as another beauty treatment, whether it be at spas and health centers or even at home. Tomohiro Sugino, President & Representative Director at Soiken Inc, a leading pharmaceutical and clinical testing business in Japan is genuinely excited by its possibilities: “Following the test on the moisturising action of the skin, we tested and verified the effect of improvement of Plasmacluster ions on skins elasticity and on promoting smoother skin texture. This indicates that Plasmacluster technology can surely be depended on as one measure of skin care, including for combating dryness.”

The invisible disinfectant

Plasmacluster technology is invisible to the naked eye, but it is very efficient at killing bacteria and getting rid of any unwanted smells. The technology has been successfully implemented in Nissan, Toyota, and Daihatsu cars since 2009, while the motorcycle industry have looked to plasmacluster to fix an age old problem of cleaning helmets that get smelly, sweaty and full of bacteria very quickly.

It works when positive and negatively charged ions physically attach themselves to microbes and viruses in the air

Who knows, maybe plasmacluster technology could be used in all spas and health centers in the future. If later tests prove successful it could be time to bin the Oil of Olay and start fitting our homes with the innovative technology.

To see this remarkable invisible technology in action simply watch this video from Sharp below.

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