Sharp is 100 years old this month so Humans Invent decided to challenge five of its brightest minds to foretell what the world will look like a century from now. We conducted a series of six workshops on topics ranging from health to robotics to assess how these fields will have changed by the year 2112. In this series we discover the possibility of nanorobots swimming through your veins, driverless cars and space hotels, multi-sensory entertainment and virtual reality in the classroom. Though the five scientists disagree at times on what the future may hold, they certainly agree on one thing: the world will be a very different place in 100 years’ time. Yesterday we looked at education; today we envisage the immersive world of communications and entertainment in the 22nd century.

3. Entertainment & Communication

The future will provide a more immersive world at home.

With computer graphics becoming ever more realistic, T.V. screen resolution and surround sound almost perfected and 3D taking off, it is hard to imagine what else can be done to make entertainment and communications more stimulating. Sharp’s scientists, however, imagine a far more immersive world 100 hundred years down the line, where watching a film will feel like your are in a dream and as if a friend 1,000s of miles away is standing right next to you.

Imagining life a century on, Electronic Engineer, Michael Prior-Jones says, “I could have friends on the other side of the Atlantic and we could have a dinner party together in an immersive experience without having to jump on a plane.”

Every day for the next week we will be releasing the next Sharp workshop in the series. Stay tuned tomorrow for Transport…

Illustrations exclusively drawn for Humans Invent by Neil Jones.

The End
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